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    Sentient Trader Intraday, Analyst Edition, Rental.



    Sentient Trader Intraday, Analyst Edition performs Cyclical Analysis and makes Market Cycle Predictions according to JM Hurst's Market Cycles Principles. It is able to analyze any financial instrument, e.g. stocks, indices, forex pairs, commodities, etc.  

    Sentient Trader Intraday, Analyst Edition accepts Intraday market data from a growing number of 3rd party providers as defined here.

    After performing its Cyclical Analysis Sentient Trader Intraday, Analyst Edition presents Market Cycles Predictions for Cycles ranging from 18 Years to 30 Minutes. The information presented on every Chart includes :-

    • Market Cycle Troughs using Hurst's Diamonds and Semi-Circle notation
    • Hurst's Cyclic Tools plotted, e.g. FLDs and VTLs
    • Market Cycles Synopsis to help you understand forthcoming market moves
    • Market Turning Points which illustrate forthcoming Buy and Sell Zones
    • Send Alerts to on-screen, email, iPhone, Smart Phone, etc.

    In addition you can :-

    • Build a Custom Nominal Model and an Expert Model to analyze instruments using your own Market Cycle observations
    • Influence the standard analysis by Pinning Troughs manually
    • Scan a Watchlist to simplify the analysis of a large range of instruments
    • Utilize the Sentient Trader Commonality Database to benefit from the 100,000s of Analyses carried out by other Sentient Traders.

    The Intraday version has the facility to inherit the phasing analysis from other Charts in a Workspace leading to more efficient analyses of data from longer time periods. Using the Intraday version you can open multiple Workspaces concurrently allowing you to move between Workspaces more easily. 

    Throughout your Software Rental, the Support Service is included and provides; email support, automatic software updates and access to the Commonality database.

    Please note, the Analyst Edition does not generate Trading Signals. For this functionality, you must purchase Sentient Trader - Trader Edition.