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  • Phibase Synergy - V4.03

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    PhiBase Synergy EA is an Expert Advisor for the MetaTrader 4 Platform. PhiBase completely releases traders from the routine market watching and the execution of trade operations. This software fully automates trading and is most suitable for professional or part-time traders. Visit us at for more information about PhiBase Synergy.

    PhiBase Synergy EA has been developed based on a few select price action patterns that are formed at important Fibonacci levels.The EA creates a price action model by normalizing the price action, adjusts it to a constant level eliminating the differences cause by different price action ranges. The price model is also time adjusted to remove the differences introduced by slow and fast moving markets.The EA may enter trades based on its ability to predict a pattern before it is fully formed if the next higher time frame is supportive.

    Patterns are not considered if they are not formed near important Fibonacci levels.  The EA's trade entries have a success rate of over 65%. The EA has an excellent trade management system that locks in profits and limits losses to reasonable levels. Visit us at for more information about PhiBase Synergy.

    System Requirements:

    Minimum requirements:
    Operating systems:
    Windows XP/Vista/Seven
    Processor: 1.5 GHZ
    RAM: 1 GB
    Screen resolution: 1024x768
    Broad band internet connection

    Recommended requirements:
    Operating systems:
    Windows Vista/XP/2000
    Processor: 2 GHZ or higher
    RAM: 2 GB or more
    Screen resolution: 1280x1024
    or higher
    Broad band internet connection

    MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal is the trader's tool that enables traders to conduct technical analysis, make trade transactions and work with Expert Advisors.

    It is highly recommended to run PhiBase PRO 24x7 on VPS.