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  • Thinkfree Office NEO Enterprise Licence(HWP)

    Hancom Inc.
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    • For household and individual users
    • For 1 PC
    • Fully installed versions of Word(word processor), Cell(spreadsheet), Show(presentation), HWP(Korean word processor)

    Compatible with Windows 7 or later
    Localized for the following languages : English, German, Spanish(Latin), French(France), Portuguese(Brazil), Russian , Arabic, Persian(Farsi), Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Japanese

    System Requirements:

    Required Processor   Pentium4 or higher
    Required Operational System   Windows 7/8/10
    Required Memory   1GB or higher
    Required Hard Disk Space   1.4BG or higher
    Requred Display   Optimal 1280 * 1024, Minimum 1024 * 768